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Leah Winters in “Date Night”

Leah’s got a date! Join her as she gets ready in the bathroom post-shower (nude of course), as she does her makeup in the mirror. Next, as she’s already in her slinky black dress, she needs her peal necklace (her first of the night? hmm), and he matching black heels – then it’s time to leave!

Part two: YOU are her date and she’s invited you back to her room! Follow her in as she first shows off her baby blue lingerie set and chrome anal plug. The lingerie and plug aren’t just for show, so enjoy as she strips her dress off and once her plug is nice and tight in her ass, allow Leah to model her lingerie set for your pleasure.
Leah poses nude, has an anal plug in, and poses spread-leg for glorious money shots.

BONUS: videos – BTS 4K video of Leah in the shower (being her silly self), and the 4K video we shot of Leah putting in her butt plug!